Production Design

I design all visual aspects of your project, whether it’s a production, showcase, TV/broadcast set, product reveal, brand immersion, corporate identity, exhibit or fashion show. I also design restaurants and retail spaces. I create full set designs and site layout options.

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Art Direction

Clients sometimes have very specific ideas about what they want to see, but don’t have the expertise or experience to get it built. I am happy to bring your brainchild to life within the constraints of budget, time and location.

Graphic Design

I design and art direct graphics. I work closely with many talented graphic designers who create the final print-ready art. Or, if you prefer, I can work together with your graphics department.

Location Scouting

One key to project success is starting with the appropriate space. I do full technical site surveys with the technical director and/or the scene shop to ensure that all goes smoothly.

A Bit About Process

My design process is built upon all the known project elements, as well as the realities of the space and budget. This is entirely a team effort. I start with space allocation and flow in the plan, and then model up. I work together with the project team to sculpt your production, starting with roughs, research, style boards and graphics, all the way through to the final renderings.

I provide a fully built 3D model of the arena/space/site and the set, together with a master plan that includes scenic, lighting, AV, and building/site. This enables all tech departments and producers to work together quickly in real time.

Props, styling, guest amenities, guest experiences and final details can transform a good show into an amazing and memorable show.

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